Did you know?

On a keyless entry system vehicle the key is always emitting a signal searching for the car that it belongs to. The car is always looking to receive the signal from the correct key. Once received the car will unlock and allow it to be started at the convenience of the owner without the need to press any buttons or insert a key into the ignition.

Thieves know this

Whether your key is in your pocket, handbag, at home or in the office, the signal could be picked up by a thief and transmitted to your vehicle some distance (in fact up to 100 metres!) away, making your car and its contents vulnerable to what is commonly known as ‘relay attack’, ‘radio attack’ and ‘signal boosting’.

The below illustration demonstrates this:


Your keys are kept within 3 metres of an external wall/window at home


A thief ‘grabs’ and forwards the key’s signal using a signal extending device to their accomplice


The accomplice receives the signal and is stood close enough to transmit it to your car


The car recognises the signal, unlocks and can potentially be driven away

Owners no longer need to store their car keys in tins, fridges, freezers, microwaves and safes. Whilst sometimes effective, these are largely impractical and some will actually affect the integral battery on the key fob.



Advanced dual layer signal blocking material with magnetic closure


Durable external material and adjustable toggle and draw cord for ease of hanging

Full Size

Large enough to put at least one full bunch of keys in without needing to remove the car key fob from the bunch

100% Protection

Full pouch is signal blocking not just a small internal section. Internal space 150 x 110 mm

Protect Multiple Items

Can be used for car key fobs, passports and mobile phones


Below are examples that capture this type of theft occurring. You will notice that this is accomplished with two people working together one with the booster (typically seen searching around a house door/window trying to capture the keys signal) and their accomplice with a receiver waiting to receive the boosted signal to unlock and steal the vehicle.

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